Fall Into Good Habits

Good habits create the foundation of healthier living and greater successes. It’s not always easy to maintain good habits when temptations lure us to veer off the path. However, once these good practices are established, it’s simple to keep craving them and doing them.

This past summer, my daughter and I traveled to visit my sister and her family. It had been a long time since we had seen each other, so we were far overdue for a visit. We both have changed as we lead different lives and I noticed how great she was doing.

She mentioned how she had made a commitment to herself to get up each morning and exercise. Her routine is simple and it keeps her healthy and fit by practicing about 20 minutes of exercise, five days a week with weekends off. I was so inspired by her and her routine that I had to change my list of good habits.

These are five simple good habits that I perform each day and I follow them in this order:

1. Get up Early:

The best time of day is in the morning when it’s quiet and the birds haven’t even started chirping. I get up a little after 4:30am, drink some water, and start exercising and meditating. It took me a long time to become an early morning person and I wish I would have started sooner because morning’s are so relaxing.

If you’re a night owl that aspires to getting up earlier, try setting goals in small increments. For example, set the alarm 5 minutes earlier than the usual time and work your way towards the planned wake-up time. Treat yourself to a nice hot cup of tea, a sunrise, or waking yourself with exercise.

2. Exercise:

I get up early so that I can awaken my mind and body with exercise. I was a bit cranky when I first started habits #1 and 2, but after two weeks it became a natural routine and I’m very glad that I’ve kept it going. Thanks to my sister, I’m now exercising 5 days a week and feel great!

Do anything to get the body moving…go for a walk, do yoga, or whatever it is that you like to do. Start with a small, realistic plan and then challenge yourself to do more once boredom sets in. You might be like me and not like doing it at first, but I promise the benefits are totally worth it.

3. Eat Breakfast:

I grew up having a good breakfast and I remember my parents saying it’s the most important meal of the day. I’m still a believer because we all need fuel for the morning to kick start our mind and bodies. Don’t skip breakfast and be sure to include this in your morning routine.

4. Complete Small Tasks

The one small task that I do each day is make the bed (if my husband doesn’t beat me to it). This is another good habit instilled by my mom, which I wasn’t a fan of doing growing up, but now realize the importance of it. It’s important because it helps give us purpose.

If one small task can be done in the early morning, then think of all the other tasks that can be accomplished after that. It starts the momentum of success and leads us to getting the confidence of doing bigger tasks. And at the end of the day, when you return to the bedroom for rest, you’ll be welcomed by a nice, cozy looking bed.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Habit #1 won’t be easily attainable if there isn’t enough sleep. Most often I get 8 hours of sleep (it varies due to having a toddler), which makes waking up early painless. Create a routine for downtime and relaxation to help your mind and body prepare for a good night’s rest.

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