Love the Earth by Living Simply

I love the month of April. It brings spring weather, fragrant flowers, and we get to celebrate an important day – Earth Day. Caring for the earth is our responsibility, just like taking care of our families. The earth provides for us like a mother would, therefore, we have an obligation to take care of our mother earth.

Don’t worry, this post is not going to get political, but rather focus on how important simple living is, so that we can give the earth the love it rightfully deserves.

My husband and I were taking an after dinner walk with our daughter, who is curious and frequently asks “why?” as toddler’s naturally do. During the spring time where I live, litter uncovers itself after the snow melts. So, during the walk, my daughter asked, “Mama, why did someone throw their garbage outside?”

Before answering, I stumbled for an easy answer as to why this happens. So, I paused and simply told her that it can happen when people don’t take care of the Earth. This question highlights reasons why we need to help children understand the importance of having a healthy environment by living simply…

Get outside

Living simply has freed up more of my time because I’m not occupied with the maintenance that things require, such as organizing and cleaning. If the weather permits, I like to make it a priority to get outside and connect with nature. There are several health benefits from being outdoors and it strengthens our gratitude and relationship with the earth.

Consume less

The less we consume, the more resources we have. Products require energy and natural resources to produce them, so only buy what is necessary. Utilize water and food responsibly as well. For example, conserve water while brushing your teeth and don’t waste food by buying too much.

Consider joining the quality over quantity movement. If you purchase good quality, long lasting items, then the less you consume and in the long run, the more money you save. Don’t fall for the inexpensive “sale items” that you’ll just end up getting rid of.

Recycle, reduce and reuse

Live simply by helping reduce waste in the landfill by using recyclable or reusable products. Choose items that have less packaging and choose a recyclable/reusable product over an item that is not. For example, I use reusable shopping bags and recycle plastic and paper bags.

Try enhancing your DIY skills by fixing things that break instead of buying something new. I’m not crafty by any means, but I have fixed minor clothing or stuffed animal repairs. There are many resources via a Google search that could provide guidance or ask an experienced DIY friend.

Borrow or rent items

Do you have items in your home that rarely get used? Try borrowing or renting them instead. I borrowed a lot of things when my daughter was a baby because babies outgrow things so quickly. Borrowing things saves money, storage space, and it’s an environmentally friendly choice.

We need to make sure we leave the earth better than we received it and show children how important it is to take care of it, so they can carry on this responsibility. Our future generations need to care for the environment to ensure it regains and maintains good health. Love the earth by living simply and the earth will naturally love you back.

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