How Simplicity Made Me Rich

I never thought I would be rich and I probably never will be in the typical monetary sense of the term. Being rich seems so out-of-reach and untouchable for most folks and it certainly was for me – until I found simplicity.

At times, I hear people say how they’ll be happier when they win the lottery, live in a bigger house, or fill their closets with all of their favorite things.

What if I told you that you don’t need those things to be rich?

If you chose to read this article thinking you’re going to find a quick get-me-rich idea, you might as well stop reading this. When we think of the word “rich” it’s often thought of as having lots of money. However, simple living has given me different perspective of the true meaning of being rich.

It’s meeting basics needs and living without excess.

It took me too long to figure this out. I was 35 years old when I discovered simple living and although I wish I would’ve designed this lifestyle earlier, I’m glad I found it when I did.

For a long time I lived with an abundance of things, mostly clothes, because shopping was an avenue for finding happiness. I was satisfied for a little while, then I got the urge to shop again. I accumulated more than enough clothes and still struggled to be totally happy.

I had a mindset that I needed to get more clothes, a big house, a fancy car, and a job with a prestigious title. Because this is the American dream, right? Wrong. At least it’s not my dream.

So, how did simplicity make me rich? It’s recognizing this –

I have what’s necessary, so I want less

As I mentioned, the true meaning of being rich is when basic needs are met and there is no excess. I have a home, clean water, food, enough clothes, and access to healthcare. This makes me feel rich.

Many people around the world don’t have these basic necessities. Some of these people are our close neighbors. Take gratitude for having what others so desperately need.

Time is valuable

The older I get, the more I value my time. I want to spend any extra second I have doing something I enjoy because life is too short not to. It’s the tiniest moments such as exchanging hugs or jokes with my family. Or one of my favorite things, which is to sitting together enjoying a meal while we laugh and talk – that makes me feel rich.

Take time to slow down and spend time on yourself, family, and friends. Schedule downtime to ensure that it’s not overridden by busyness. It’s better for you and those around you.

Good health is greater than wealth

Striving after things I didn’t need was totally unhealthy – mentally and physically. The extra time and freedom I have from living simply allows me to focus on a healthier lifestyle. Feeling healthier undoubtedly makes me feel rich.

Good health can be taken for granted until we fall ill. Living simply creates room for healthier habits and routines. Find one small thing that you can change to maintain better wellness.

Things can’t replace family

My family gives me lots of love and support. There are no things that can replace my family or the fun memories that we’ve created. The continued love, support, and happiness they provide me certainly makes me feel rich.

When reflecting back on life and when you think about how you want to leave this world – do you think you’d be happy with leaving behind lots of possessions? Or would you rather leave loving memories through the experiences you had with your family? I’ll let you ponder this and decide.

Having a rich life is so much easier to obtain through simplicity and means much more than great wealth. Life is never perfect, but it’s easier to find how good and plentiful it is when we’re not focused on over-consuming things we don’t need. Discover your riches by living simply.

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