The Challenges of Balancing Busyness and Simplicity

Life has been a rush these past 7 weeks and it’s been the theme around my house lately. Rush here, rush there, rush everywhere. It’s exhausting to say the least.

I’ve gone from a work-at-home mom to working a full-time job. It’s the first job I’ve had since my daughter was born 2 1/2 years ago and it’s

a big adjustment. It’s hard to go from living simply, with lots of freedom and flexibility, to sitting in a cubicle for 8+ hours a day within a structured schedule. I used to enjoy activities more often such as exercising, reading, writing, and cooking. I had more time to ensure my family, myself, and my home was well cared for.

Taking this job has complicated schedules, increased stress, made me feel like I was failing my family and myself at times, and has made a simple life a busy life.

The feeling of failure comes in because I’ve already gone against my values by working too much and putting family or myself aside to accomplish work. I’ve also failed to stick to my values by not maintaining the simplicity that I advocate for.

I’ve realized that the best thing is to forgive myself of these actions, move forward, and get back on track. After all, we are human and perfectly flawed, which is how lessons are learned and improvement begins.

Due to the challenges of balancing simplicity and busyness, my husband and I often talk about our goals, our new schedule, and how to get back to the simplicity we love.

I was inspired to think differently about my time after reading an article called, John Glenn Gave Me the Best Career Advice I Ever Got.

The writer of the article received career advice from the late John Glenn, which ended up being life changing. When John Glenn was experiencing a challenge, he would sit down with his wife, and ask, “What is the best use of me?”

The question provides clarity about how to decide what to do next. It also gave me ideas on how to deal with the current situation of regaining proper balance. Here’s how:

1. Meditate

Meditation relaxes the mind and body, which then allows room for focus. Feeling overwhelmed clouds the mind and we forget how to prioritize or how to deal with situations. Practicing meditation helps alleviate the anxiety stress brings.

As busy as I am, I still find time to meditate and find it highly important during challenging times. If I get stressed – I meditate, if I feel lost – I meditate, and if I need to chill out – I meditate. It works every time and I can do it anywhere.

2. Reduce the things that add stress

Stress comes and goes in our lives and when it reaches its high point, then a change of course is needed. Reduce whatever is adding stress to the situation and find ways to improve it. Seek help from family or friends to help with ideas or to give a helping hand.

My husband has been a huge supporter since our schedule has changed and has taken on more tasks to help reduce my stress. Our family has also been helpful by listening to us talk through our challenges. Thank you!

3. Be patient

Changing plans to reduce stress doesn’t always happen overnight. Do your best to be kind to yourself and to others and remember to be patient. Everything works out in the end, but it requires time to see changes.

I’m not the most patient person in the world, so I practice meditation and mindfulness to guide me through the process. I slip off the path now and then when I want to see immediate changes, but remind myself that good things come in time.

I know I’m not alone when I bring up how difficult it is to balance busyness and simplicity. We have ourselves and families to support and it’s not easy trying to do it all. I often ask myself, “Is this chaos normal for most people? If so, why should it be?”

I have plans to change this unbalanced lifestyle to regain more simplicity, but I know it will take time. I refuse to carry on by getting used to it, so now I ask myself, “What is the best use of me?”

I know what it is, but it requires changing goals and patience.

Time will tell and I hope to share the news with you soon…

4 thoughts on “The Challenges of Balancing Busyness and Simplicity

  1. You’re going through a big transition right now, it’s going to be unsettled for a while and that’s ok. I think you are on the right track when you say that you refuse to get used to it! For me, it’s all about mindset. Sometimes, whether by circumstance or design, life gets busy. Even in a busy patch, I can still bring a slow mindset. Knowing this, and using a few simple techniques, means busy doesn’t have to derail and deplete me like it used to. I share my approach here –

  2. It OK to plug into The Matrix and sit in a cubicle a few hours a day. Just remember its not real. LOL. Get what you need, unplug and enjoy the time with your family.

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