5 Benefits of Renting

It’s been a little over a month since my family and I moved into our rental, since we sold our home. As expected, the whole family went through a small period of adjustment – including our cat, Tiger.

I think Tiger got more comfortable before the rest of us did, but we’ve finally settled in and we’re loving our new home. We weren’t sure how it would feel renting again,  but we’re already experiencing some benefits. Here’s what we love about it –

1. Less responsibility

Having less responsibility for caring and maintaining a home is one of the best benefits of renting. We have to take care of small things like changing out light bulbs or a little yard work, but that’s easy compared to the amount of responsibilities we had when owning a home. Less responsibility = more time and savings (more on that later).

2. Flexibility to move

Renting allows flexibility to move to another home more easily. Once the lease is up, all I have to do is give notice to my landlord and move onto the next place. I like being able to explore the area I live in before committing to another home.

3. Lower maintenance costs

Less responsibility gives the benefit of lower maintenance costs, which means saving more money. After moving into the new place, there were a few things that needed repair and it didn’t cost any money. It only required a little time by informing the landlord.

It’s great not needing to spend money to fix issues or spending time to work with contractors…if my handy husband can’t fix it.

4. More financial stability

Expenses are more predictable when renting. The rent and utilities aren’t likely to increase significantly. There’s also no worries about paying for something major breaking down during an unforeseeable time, such as a water heater.

5. More time having fun

Having less responsibility allows more time doing things we like, instead of being devoted to a house. I enjoy exploring the new town I’m living in and meeting new people. I’m already making friends and appreciate the freedom renting has given.

At times, my husband and I felt so tied down to the home we owned by spending nights or weekends maintaining it. Now, we can take the time to appreciate the benefits renting has given and more.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea! Many good points and I like the idea of #2, I think renting would help to move around and explore many places! Thank You. As I am only a student atm, but good tip for the future.

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