How Simple Living Guides Decisions

IMG_2124“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” -Roy Disney

Last month, I wrote about my struggle with living in the moment and living with uncertainty. To briefly summarize, my husband and I sold our home and we have until the end of August to move our family. The uncertainty was whether we should move to Colorado or stay in Wisconsin, where we currently live.

After lots of thinking, I’m happy to announce that a final decision has been made…<drum roll, please>….

We’re going to live in Wisconsin! Colorado would be an amazing place to live, but for now, Wisconsin is the best choice.

Thanks to simple living, uncertainty is no longer troubling me and the answer for the move revealed itself by focusing on this –

1. Maintain simple living

There are countless benefits to living simply – freedom, focus, more time, more money, realizing it’s ok to live with less and having the confidence to do it. The list goes on…

In order to maintain our values by living simply, my husband and I decided the best place is in Wisconsin. The cost of rent or buying a home in Colorado is more than we prefer to pay. We don’t want to be house poor and not be able to enjoy living life to the fullest by having a tight budget.

2. Pay off debt

Debt can cause major stress. It ruins relationships, contributes to poor health, and narrows choices and reduces possibilities. Living with less helps eliminate debt by not spending money on things we don’t need.

I was very inspired by an article from Becoming Minimalist’s guest post called – 11 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life. One of my favorite points in this article is #4 – “Become Debt Free”. My husband and I have developed a plan that will eliminate our debt and help us save more money by staying in Wisconsin.

3. Rent a Home

Renting a home brings great benefits – less time is spent maintaining the home, it makes it easier to relocate, and it can save money.

Instead of buying a home, because we haven’t decided where to settle, my family and I will be renting our next home. We’re really excited about having less responsibility and more time to explore the new town we will be living in. This idea was also partially inspired by the article – 11 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life.

Decision making isn’t always easy, especially when it’s one that’s life changing and involves the whole family. What helped my husband and I determine what we really wanted was knowing the move to Colorado didn’t have a “hell yeah!” feeling – at least for now. And if the feeling isn’t right, then go with your gut.

But, most importantly, the major factor contributing to our decision was to keep life simple. Simple living gives significant perspective on life that makes it easier to make bigger decisions. It’s not only about consuming less, shopping for less, and doing less of what’s important.

Simple living highlights how great we are, how great life is, how great it is to have what we already have, and our values. Everyone experiences uncertainty at different points in their lives, but if we live simply, then it removes how complex life can be.

2 thoughts on “How Simple Living Guides Decisions

  1. Victoria, I just found your blog, and I’m glad to hear you’re staying in WI. We live in Cedarburg, and I also blog about simplicity (among other things). I’m also a fan of Becoming Minimalist; are you in the Uncluttered group? I look forward to reading more of your posts and maybe even crossing paths someday!

    1. Aimee – Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! This is really funny…I’m actually moving to Cedarburg. It’s great to know a neighbor that has a similar interest :). I’m not in the Uncluttered group, but I’m a subscriber to Becoming Minimalist. I hope you enjoy upcoming posts and I look forward to reading yours as well. And I certainly hope we cross paths some day!

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