Monthly Inspiration – Follow Your Heart

These monthly inspiration posts are used to encourage others or to express how I’ve been motivated lately. May has been a great month, but also a busy month.

This is my first post since the end of April and although I love writing, there are times when we need to follow our heart and sometimes it’s not an easy thing to do.

The last Monthly Inspiration post was about slowing down. I certainly took my own advice and focused on priorities that ranked higher than writing or updating the community Facebook page.

Don’t fret or worry, I’m not going anywhere. The blog will continue and of course the Facebook page for our community is still active.

Putting my passion for writing on the back burner is difficult, but when we’re pulled in different directions, then something has to give. This is when we have to follow our heart and decide what is best at the moment, while remembering it can be temporary.

This is exactly what Simple by Victoria is going through at the moment – a slow, temporary phase. This gives you more time as well, by not needing to read as many blog posts or having to follow as many Facebook updates.

Enjoy the beauty of spring and the upcoming summer and focus on your needs.

Although it’s a slower time, I do have some posts in the works, which will be published in the near future, so check those out as they release. You’re welcome to post comments, questions, or share what you’re inspired by, regarding simple living on the Facebook page or the blog anytime.

I love hearing from you and appreciate everyone that is in our simple living community.

Remember to follow your heart and be bold enough to do what’s best for you.

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