How to Easily Declutter Your Kids Room

Anyone raising a child can relate to how challenging it can be to keep their room clutter-free and organized. When I was pregnant two years ago, my husband and I were quickly overwhelmed with the amount of things that came with a baby.

We wandered the aisles of Target, for what seemed liked hours, trying to figure out what we needed. Little did we know that we weren’t prepared for everything…

The first day we brought our newborn home, we realized how clueless we were at parenting. Our little one slept a lot and we thought it would be easy for her to sleep in her crib that night.

She was very adamant about not sleeping in that crib, so we had to purchase another product and we were all finally able to sleep. The first night home was rough, among many other long nights, but it reminds me that we’re all unique people with different preferences and the same goes for kids.

It might take trying 2-3 different types of pacifiers, burp cloths, or some other item, to find what works best. Needless to say, this trial and error process caused an accumulation of things very quickly.

My daughter turned two years old last month and it was fun celebrating her special day. Her birthday was a reminder to declutter and re-organize and I want to share how easy it is.

1. Create a declutter schedule
Maintaining a simple, organized room is easy with a schedule. This schedule works great for my family and it’s broken into 3 time frames:

  • Daily – pick up toys, books, etc and put them back where they are stored soon after they are no longer used. This eliminates spending too much time at the end of the day picking up. Ask the kids (if they’re old enough) or other household members to help.
  • Quarterly – declutter on a quarterly basis to get rid of unneeded accumulation.
  • Celebrations – use celebratory moments such as birthdays and holidays to declutter and re-organize.

2. Remove things not used
Kids grow out of their clothes, shoes, toys, etc so fast and this is how clutter builds up. Remove items that are no longer used and put them in boxes in these categories – donate, recycle, sell, or toss.

Now, here’s some criteria to use as a guide…

  • if it doesn’t fit, then get rid of it
  • if there are multiples of the same item and they aren’t used, then get rid of it
  • if it’s in poor condition and beyond repair, then get rid of it
  • if it doesn’t make your child happy, get rid of it
  • if your child is too young to decide and if it doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it
  • if a toy is annoying or distracting, easily get rid of it
  • if your child has outgrown, lost interest, or no longer uses an item, then you know…

Get rid of it!

3. Distribute the clutter
Take the boxes from Step 2 and put them in their new homes – donate to your favorite donation center, put things in the recycle bin, sell items worth the time and money, and toss whatever can’t be used. Remember to dispose of the items responsibly.

That’s it. You’re done! Until next time…:)

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