Monthly Inspiration – Slowing Down

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” – Ghandi

These monthly inspiration posts are used to encourage others or to express how I’ve been motivated lately. April was a great month and I was motivated by slowness. What I mean by slowness, is its pace.

Often times, it seems like we’re in such a hurry. I’m guilty of this as well. For example, I may walk too fast at times and forget to take notice of what I’m walking by. My daughter will be celebrating her second birthday in May and her pace is slower than mine, as she’s still learning and developing.

I’m grateful to her for that. It’s a reminder that I need to slow down, enjoy life in small steps, and be present. She leads me to discovering things throughout the day in a relaxed pace. It’s one of my favorite things about being a parent.

Here are a few things I’ve discovered about slowing down –

1. It’s calming
When I’m in a hurry, it can feel stressful. Sometimes I juggle too many things at the same time or I try to get somewhere too fast. It’s better to slow down, take a deep breath, and focus on one thing. Moving at a slower pace leads to feeling more calm and being calm helps others feel good too.

2. It teaches patience
Moving at a slower pace requires patience. Be mindful of your speed and check-in with yourself by asking…

What can I do more efficiently so that I don’t need to hurry?
Am I missing out on something by not slowing down?
How is speeding through life beneficial?

Patience isn’t always easy to maintain, especially in a culture where we live with many conveniences and we’re used to getting things fast. Have patience with yourself to improve patience in your life. This is something we should remind ourselves daily.

3. It’s joyful
As I mentioned, my daughter has a slower pace than I do. I enjoy holding her hand and walking at her speed. It’s slow, joyful, and peaceful. One morning, I was walking through a grocery store parking lot with her, when suddenly a woman pulled her car over and asked if she could tell me something.

I said, “Of course.” She described how parents these days are in such a rush and she finds their little ones being dragged behind. She went on and mentioned how she enjoyed watching us walk because it was at my daughter’s pace.

Then she ended our conversation by kindly saying that I’m doing a good job as a parent. This woman took the time to slow down and give one of the greatest compliments a parent could get. It made my day, or month rather, because she’s part of the reason for writing this post.

Slowing down has great benefits and I believe that it inspires others to do the same.

If you’re a high energy, must-move-fast, hurried kind of person, then it’s time to concentrate on slowing down. Life moves fast as it is and we don’t need to speed it up. You never know what you’ll miss out on if you don’t stop and notice what’s around you.

Take the time to enjoy the simple things, the quiet, and a slower pace and notice how it benefits your life. Compliment someone, smile, or say hello to people along the way. You never know who will appreciate such a small act of kindness and hold it in their heart to share with others.

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