Monthly Inspiration – Volunteerism

These monthly inspiration posts are used to encourage others or to express how I’ve been motivated lately. March was a great month and I want to inspire others to offer their skills through volunteering.

I started volunteering in the community last summer (thanks to having more freedom and focus through simple living) and was totally hooked. I was hooked on helping others and realized it was helping me, too.

Here are 3 ways volunteering can improve life:

1. Enrichment
The greatest benefit is getting a more fulfilling life by having an impact on others. The smallest task can mean the world to someone and it’s amazing when you know you’ve made a difference. A few hours of time to help someone in need gives more reward than the time put in for your service. It’ll make your heart swell with joy.

2. Learning
Volunteering gives opportunities to learn new skills and to try something new. For example, I volunteered at a farm by picking carrots that were being donated to a local food bank. Prior to that experience, I’ve never worked on a farm or picked produce and the farmers provided training. They also taught our group about weather, soil, and how it affects their crops.

3. Growth
Growth is seen when volunteering regularly. Skills and efficiency improve, especially when working with other experienced volunteers. During my first day of volunteering at a food bank, the team I worked with sorted 17,000 pounds of food. Then, the more I volunteered and the more I worked with veteran volunteers, we could sort up to 22,000 pounds of food. It was exciting to see how much we could do.

Volunteering can be a commitment or it can be a small kind act such as holding a door, helping with the dishes, or being a good listener. To start volunteering – simply ask family, friends, or the community how you can assist them. It’s easy to find where help is needed because we all need it, right?

Look for something that matches your skills or interest. Do you enjoy being outside? Try volunteering at a park. Do you enjoy exercise? Put time in at a walk/run fundraiser. Do you like animals? Volunteer at an animal shelter.

The best kind of gift to give someone is your time. And giving time to help someone will bring more value and gratitude into your life. Take a moment to volunteer and find how providing a service can improve your way of living.

I want to thank my sister-in-law for inviting me to join her volunteer group this month, which became the inspiration behind this post.

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