Simple Living Isn’t Perfection

It would be a lie if I told you that simple living solves all your problems. It doesn’t remove all worry, stress, or anxiety. It’s not a life of perfection.

Striving for perfection is an unhealthy addiction caused by our own thoughts or perhaps it’s influenced by others. Seeking perfection can be destructive because it can make us feel like we aren’t good enough or that someone or something doesn’t meet our expectations.

Or perfection is sought after because of fear of what others think or an analytical personality gets in the way. I can certainly speak to being analytical and I’m my own worst critic.

I’ve been labeled as a perfectionist, but I’ve learned how to relax and let things go more easily. Life lessons, simple living, and meditation have taught me this.

And guess what? Nobody cares if you’re not perfect. Because none of us are. It’s our imperfections that make us unique, interesting, and real. The world and all its creatures would be completely dull if it were perfect.

I’m here to tell you (and remind myself) that simple living is not about being flawless. It helps us be the best that we can be. It’s removing the inessentials for a life of less craziness, stress, and clutter – not to cure it.

No matter how much we simplify, we still need to organize, clean, and declutter.

I live simply, but if someone were to visit my home, it’s not totally obvious. My living space isn’t bare or tiny, I love color, and I couldn’t tell you the number of items that I own. And, yes, my family and I still own things we don’t need, but we’re working on it.

Simple living is a work in progress.

It’s a continuous move towards the life we want. It’s not meant to push ourselves near the limits of unhealthy habits and frustration by trying to be perfect.

The path of simple living is a journey. A journey towards more freedom, more inspiration, and more intentional living. It’s venturing for the experiences we’ve been looking for and reducing statements like, “I would’ve…, should’ve…, could’ve….”

So, if you’re feeling like simple living might not be for you because it may be seen as living without color, excitement, or vibrancy; then consider this – make simple living the way you want it to be. Remove whatever is necessary to make life easier for you.

What works for me may not work for the next person. Customize the life you want by using simple living as a guide. It doesn’t mean there are rules to follow or that we need to be doing what the next minimalist is doing.

I’m not perfect and I’m good with that. We all have flaws, our living spaces aren’t always tidy, and schedules get busy. Doing the best is all that is needed and that’s perfectly enough.

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