Small Steps to Remove Clutter

It’s not easy keeping a home organized when there is lots of clutter. Eventually, those areas get avoided because accumulation has overwhelmed its space and its owner. Putting it off creates a project and motivation may be hard to find.

Here are small steps to help you get started:

  1. Start with one room only. Don’t try to organize the whole house at once.
  2. Choose either the left or right side of the room to start on (don’t start in the middle). This will help you keep track where you leave off.
  3. Work from top to bottom – starting from the top prevents more work as the mess from the top may fall to the bottom.
  4. Pick only one area to focus on – choose a drawer, a cabinet, a shelf, or a closet. Finish the chosen area before moving onto the next.
  5. Decide to keep, donate/sell, recycle, or toss items – keep items frequently used, donate/sell items not used in 2 or more years, and recycle or toss anything not worthy of donating or selling.
  6. Keep areas organized on a regular basis. If something is taken out, put it back right away. It’s easier to take a couple of minutes to keep an area clean instead of putting it off.
  7. Declutter on a regular basis – items continually make their way into the home, so remove clutter regularly. Spring and fall cleaning is a great time for this.

Remember to keep it simple and only focus on a small area in the beginning. Once you complete one section, it will give that momentum you need to move onto the next.

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