Love the Earth by Living Simply

I love the month of April. It brings spring weather, fragrant flowers, and we get to celebrate an important day – Earth Day. Caring for the earth is our responsibility, just like taking care of our families. The earth provides for us like a mother would, therefore, we have an obligation to take care of our mother earth.

Don’t worry, this post is not going to get political, but rather focus on how important simple living is, so that we can give the earth the love it rightfully deserves.

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5 Benefits of Renting

It’s been a little over a month since my family and I moved into our rental, since we sold our home. As expected, the whole family went through a small period of adjustment – including our cat, Tiger.

I think Tiger got more comfortable before the rest of us did, but we’ve finally settled in and we’re loving our new home. We weren’t sure how it would feel renting again,  but we’re already experiencing some benefits. Here’s what we love about it –

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How Simple Living Guides Decisions

IMG_2124“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” -Roy Disney

Last month, I wrote about my struggle with living in the moment and living with uncertainty. To briefly summarize, my husband and I sold our home and we have until the end of August to move our family. The uncertainty was whether we should move to Colorado or stay in Wisconsin, where we currently live.

After lots of thinking, I’m happy to announce that a final decision has been made…<drum roll, please>….

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